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This post is for constructive criticism of my roleplaying as Bruce Banner.
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How to reach player?
PM: (which DW account?) [personal profile] beastisbeauty
AIM: Pm me for details
email: Pm me for details

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: (replying to older posts) Yes
Threadhopping with this character: (joining an on-going thread) Yes
Fourthwalling: (referencing the existence of players/game/fictional universe) Yes
Canon puncture: (directly pointing out to a character that they're fictional) It's okay with me, if its okay with the mods.
Offensive subjects: (elaborate, especially if something should be avoided)

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: bisexual
Hugging this character: Hugging Bruce is fine, though he may hesitate to respond. Hugging Hulk is fine, too, though it would probably take some bravery.
Flirting with this character: Certainly, though as a nerd, Bruce is not good at this or thinks he isn't. You can flirt with Hulk, too, though that might be more difficult and dangerous.
Giving this character a kiss: Yes, though, in Hulk's case, you should make sure he doesn't think you're trying to bite him.
Something more intimate: I'm open to the possibility for both Bruce and Hulk, but it will take work to convince either of them.
Relationships: With patience and hard work, yes, though please discuss this with me, if you're interested.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: In the case of non-con, we can discuss this, but honestly, it's unlikely. Bruce would Hulk out and Hulk would smash. For trickier dub-con, I'm willing to discuss it.
Fighting with this character: Yes, as long as you remember that anger, fear, and pain all trigger the Hulk and there are very few things that can go head to head with Hulk.
Injuring this character: You can injure and even deal fatal blows to Banner, but this will result in the Hulk appearing and healing him. It takes a LOT to cause the Hulk even minor injuries. A skyscraper collapsing on him gave him a slight nosebleed in Avengers.
Killing this character: No, please.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Please discuss this with me before hand. Banner has no psi abilities, but his mind is where the Hulk lurks, when Banner is in control.
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The Player

Name/nickname: Psi Fi

Age: 40

Pronouns: [preferred gender pronouns: female/male/other, please specify]female

Contact: [E-mail, AIM, personal DW account, etc] AIM: psifi815
Experience: [briefly: writing experience, years active, type of RP, etc] I started role-playing at brb_gallifrey on Livejournal in May of 2009. I've mainly done forum (livejournal and dreamwidth) rp. In addition to roleplay, I have written many works of fan fiction, primarily in the X-files and Doctor Who fandoms.

Currently played characters: [in this game, if applicable] I have no characters here, at present, but in other games and on [community profile] sixwordstories, I play Ainley!Master, an AU of Loki from The Avengers, Bruce Banner from The Avengers, Tegan Jovanka, Koschei, an AU of Freddy Krueger, Ham Tyler from V, Aphrodite from Xena: Warrior Princess, and Spock from Star Trek: TOS.

The Character

DW account: [personal profile] beastisbeauty

Name: Bruce Banner

Alias: [nicknames etc, if applicable] The Hulk

Age/Birthdate: 45 November 22

Species: Human

Canon: [tv show/book/play/etc, or original] A mix of his comic book canon and The Avengers (2012) movie

Canon point: [when in canon are they taken from] Bruce is post-Avengers and has been staying at Stark Tower.

Played By: [name of actor/musician/model etc used to represent your character, if applicable]
Mark Ruffalo

[Please provide a link (uploaded to your own server or to DreamWidth’s userpic server) of a good quality (textless, 100×100) icon of your character.]

Bruce icon Hulk icon

[Powers, special skills, how the Rift changed them when they came through (if applicable), etc.]

Dr. Bruce Banner is a very gifted research scientist, specifically in the field of nuclear physics, specializing in radiation. He also has considerable knowledge of several other sciences, including computers, biology, and medicine. He has learned enough about medicine, while on the run, to pass as a medical doctor.

Due to accidental exposure to high levels of gamma radiation, Banner is able to transform into an enormous being called the Hulk. The Hulk doesn't possess Banner's fierce intelligence, but he is extremely strong and can travel very fast by leaping great distances. As the Hulk, Banner is impervious to weapons of almost every sort, including bullets, missiles, and lasers. While the Hulk does seem to experience various levels of pain and irritation from these things, none have ever damaged him. He is also impervious to extremes in temperature. Banner can not always control his transformations into the Hulk. High levels of anger, fear, and pain, generally levels high enough to greatly increase Bruce's heart-rate, will trigger the transformation. The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.

Hulk and Banner rarely see each other as the same person and tend to be at odds. After coming through the rift, Banner and Hulk are now able to communicate with each other mentally and even, at times, see each other in a mental landscape, such as when Bruce meditates. Bruce will take advantage of this to try and teach the Hulk, possibly leading to greater understanding between them. Though Hulk will never be a pacifist, Bruce will be attempting to teach him to use minimal force and to avoid hurting innocent people.

In his efforts to control his emotions, and therefore the Hulk, Banner has become in expert in yoga, meditation, and a variety of martial arts. However, he is also a borderline pacifist and will rarely use these skills against other people.

[What do they look like? Noticeable traits, clothing style, build, how they carry themselves, behavioral quirks, etc.] (Physical description is based on Mark Ruffalo.)

Bruce Banner is a male of medium height with dark brown hair and brown eyes. His hair is slightly long, with a tendency to curl. Usually Banner is clean-shaven, though he sometimes sports a five o'clock shadow. Yoga and practicing martial arts have given the scientist a moderately muscular build. He doesn't, however, look especially strong. He has a tendency to stoop his shoulders, making him appear weak and vulnerable.

Due to his transformations and lack of money, Banner tends to wear cheap clothing that is too big. He is partial to dress trousers and button up shirts. He always looks slightly rumpled. When working, Banner tends to wear a pair of glasses.

Out of fear for the safety of others, Banner is very careful to avoid confrontations. He carries himself meekly, often avoiding eye contact, even among friends. He is soft-spoken and rarely willingly puts himself forward. He tends to show nervous symptoms, wringing his hands and trying to stay out of the way, in corners and shadows.

The Hulk is huge. Very huge. He stands around eight or nine feet tall and muscles bulge from him everywhere. His hands are the size of tires. The Hulk's skin and eyes are both an emerald green, while his hair is black. His face is brutally handsome, with a small nose and large lips that are usually drawn back in a snarl. Hulk tends to wear nothing except very torn-up pants. The rest of Banner's clothing rarely survives the transformation.

[Character traits, strengths/flaws, what drives/frightens/excites them, hopes/dreams/fears, how do they relate to others/world, how they are perceived by others, etc. This section should be the one that shows you have a firm understanding of how your character’s mind works.]

Bruce Banner presents to the world the weary facade of a mild-mannered scientist. He is soft-spoken and kind, but he tends to keep his distance from others, when possible. He is not, however, apathetic, and can't resist helping others, when they need them. He has a dry, somewhat sarcastic sense of humor. The meekness and sarcasm are, however, thin veils for Banner's brilliant mind.

Banner's strongest characteristics are his genius and his ability to transform into the Hulk. It's a matter of opinion which is his greatest strength and which his greatest weakness. Before the Hulk, Banner's greatest weakness was his impatience and arrogance. Now, it might be his inability to accept himself and to accept Hulk as part of his life.

Strength or weakness, Bruce Banner's mild facade covers an endlessly deep well of rage. Injustice, cruelty, and his situation in life all feed his anger, which he keeps carefully at bay. The only emotion that comes close to matching his rage is Banner's terror. Banner lives in perpetual dread of harming others, which contributes to his loathing of the Hulk and himself. Fighting these emotions has made Banner weary and somewhat suicidal.

Hulk's main personality trait is rage. He usually appears only when Banner is threatened, angry, or in pain, so the Hulk is usually violent. However, he does retain part of Banner's personality and can, at times, show an amazing gentleness towards people who are not a threat to him, especially to Betty Ross, Bruce's old girlfriend, and to children. Though he doesn't seem to share Bruce's brilliance, the Hulk is not a dumb beast. He can think, use strategy, wield weapons, and talk, though he uses a child-like, pidgin form of English.

[We don’t want a complete blow-by-blow of their life. Give us a sense of their background, and include important turning points in their lives, how the events affected and changed them, how they became the person they are today. Please go into extra detail if your character is original. If your character has been in the city for a while upon game entry, please include what they’ve been doing in the city.]

Bruce Banner was raised in Dayton, Ohio by his parents, Brian and Rebecca Banner. Brian Banner was an alcoholic who loathed his son. He beat Bruce and his mother, regularly, contributing to the Banner's endless rage. When Bruce was still a small child, Brian murdered Rebecca, when she tried to leave with Bruce. After that, Bruce was raised in a fairly stable foster home.

Bruce studied hard and became a research scientist. He was given a grant by the Army and doing intensive study into gamma radiation. He was working on both unlocking the serum that created Captain America and radiation resistance (combining canon from Incredible Hulk and Avengers). An accident exposed Banner to high concentrations of gamma radiation, forever changing his life. From that day forward, he has lived a double life as both Banner and the Hulk. Banner was forced to go on the run from the U.S. Army, keeping one step ahead of General Ross, who thinks the Hulk can be controlled and used as a weapon.

Banner began working hard to control his temper, terrified of becoming the Hulk and hurting innocent people. He traveled the world, including Mexico, Canada, and Calcutta, India. During his travels, he studied medicine, yoga, and martial arts, trying to find a way to help others, earn a living, and control the Hulk. He was in Calcutta, when he was asked to find the Tesseract. Once the Chitauri invasion was defeated, he remained at Stark Tower, once more pursuing science, with his new friend, Tony Stark.

Writing Sample:
[Of this character, please. You can use a previously written story or RP post, or you can write your entrance post. Please make sure to include both introspection and dialogue, since both thoughts and voice are important. Feel free to also include links to previous threads you’ve done.]

Bruce thread


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